Event Wrap Up: Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace

Gemma IntroDiana PresentingEach quarter the Business Support team here at AccountAbility aim to host or attend networking events to ensure we’re giving back to our clients and candidates, from both a service and career growth perspective.

Last week, our very own Head of Diversity & Inclusion Services, Diana Hewitson, presented on the topic of Gender Diversity to many of our valued AccountAbility clients and candidates.

In her role, Diana consults and facilitates a range of focus groups and events across Australia for a broad range of employees, leaders, specialists and CEOs. Diana also runs education and awareness training on the topic of Diversity & Inclusion for our Ambition and AccountAbility staff, across the country.

Over lunch and refreshments, Diana’s presentation shared insights into this pivotal topic, outlining what she believes people at all levels and organisations can do to ensure a sustainable, productive, engaged and inclusive workplace society.

Why focus on gender diversity?Diana

In this day and age, why not? We have long been breaking away from the more traditional style of thinking of women staying at home and being the “homemaker”, while men are the “breadwinners”. As a society, we are more focused on equality as a whole, so why not in the workplace too?

Organisations are becoming more and more focused on diversity in the workplace and the Australian Government has commenced tracking gender diversity to ensure there are more women in leadership positions.

If we are encouraging more women into leadership positions with higher demands professionally as well as at home, how is the work/life balance affected?

Flexible working options seem to be one solution. This is an area that links nicely with gender diversity, as well as being another hot topic in the Australian market that candidates look for when searching for their next role.

Of course, flexible working options can be as unique as the individual. It may be working from home one day a week, varied work hours for family commitments, or perhaps being able to attend personal appointments or additional training during work hours.

What flexible working options does your workplace offer? And how is it demonstrated? With technology allowing us to always be in touch (whether we like it or not), it should be more and more common to allow these flexible working options.

Is your organisation looking at strategies on how women can be encouraged into leadership positions? Or investigating different flexible working options? Diana will happily advise on how these ideas can be out into practice.

The focus on diversity and equality in the workplace is only going to become more magnified, so why not take the first step to becoming a more inclusive working environment?

Thank you to all of those who attended this Diversity event, it was a pleasure to see you all. If you are interested in attending future events, please get in touch and we’ll make sure you don’t miss out.

This article was written by Aimee Johnson

Aimee joined AccountAbility in October 2014 and recruits in Permanent Business Support roles in Sydney CBD and South.

Originally from New Zealand, Aimee spent over 8 years in the Banking industry prior to moving into recruitment.

Aimee aims to utilise the skills from those years to continue to provide a highly consultative service, tailor made for both her clients and candidates.

Aimee Johnson

Consultant – Permanent, Business Support
Telephone:(02) 8296 5353
E-mail Address: Aimee.Johnson@accountability.com.au

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