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AA_Jane_1AA_Jane_2Each quarter the Business Support team here at AccountAbility aim to host a networking event to ensure we are giving back to our clients and candidates, not only from a service perspective but also from a growth and career management perspective.

On Wednesday 20th July, we welcomed the awe-inspiring Jane Jackson who shared some tips and tricks around Polishing your Professional image.

Jane Jackson is a Career Management Coach, Author of a # 1 Amazon Australia bestseller Navigating Career Crossroads. She is on a personal mission to make career guidance accessible to all who need it globally. Jane does this through her book, her podcast and also her online program – The 7 steps Careers Program.

In a thought-provoking and insightful presentation, Jane was energetic, humorous, and relatable. It’s safe to say that she definitely made what was a dark, wet, winters morning that little bit brighter!

There was not a truer word spoken than when Jane stated that EVERYONE is forming an opinion of you from the moment you meet them. Whether we are conscious of it or not, our minds are assessing the person in front of us, running through a whole range of questions – How does this person look overall? How old are they? Are they credible? How is this person able to help me?

I’m sure you’re familiar with the age old saying “first impressions last”, well, there are numerous stats around first impressions and how long it takes to form your initial opinion of someone. Seven seconds is supposedly the golden rule, but remember, not only are we judging, but we are being judged in those same seven seconds!

So, what are our minds subconsciously doing in those seven seconds? Jane revealed we are assessing the person in front of us on three different criteria:

  1. 7% of our judgment is based on what you say
  2. How you say it is 38%
  3. And finally, our image and body language makes up the remaining 55%.

We are visual creatures after all, so of course we are going to judge what we see, first and foremost!

So, if we’re able to control someone else’s judgement and perception of us, what does that really mean and how can we control it?

Jane spoke of the five essential components to our image. It’s not only about what we wear:

  1. Hidden image
  2. Assumed image
  3. Visual image
  4. Experienced image
  5. Proven image

If we are mindful of these aspects of our image and can proactively manage them just imagine how much more we can achieve as professional individuals.

Jane posed a question to the audience which got me thinking. It was about self-reflection and judgement. On a scale of 1-10, where do you rate your self-confidence?

If you are not where you want to be on the self-confidence scale, what can you do to increase it to where you want it to be?

As you guessed it, it all links back to the five essential components that make up our image. Is there one of those areas that you can work to improve on? Is there something you can do differently to ensure your professional image is where we want it to be? I’m sure if we’re all honest with ourselves, there are at least one or two areas that we can take up a notch and no doubt be surprised at how the increase in self-confidence and professional image can help us achieve more in our careers .

It’s true that a lot of what Jane spoke about was common sense, but sometimes you need someone to point these things out to us so that when we look at ourselves honestly and identify the areas where we can improve our professional image.

I wasn’t alone in enjoying the session and I know that both my colleagues and our guests left motivated and inspired to make positive changes to their professional image.

In true 2016 style, Jane wrapped up the event with a bit of fun and a live Facebook video selfie – if you were there go check yourself out on our Facebook page. Share and share alike! 

Don’t forget to follow Jane on LinkedIn where she offers advice around navigating your career and taking control of it with confidence and clarity.

Thank you to all of those who attended and congratulations to those of you who were lucky enough to win a copy of Jane’s book!

If you have any thoughts or comments about the event, please feel free to share with us. Also, if you are interested in attending any future events, please get in touch and we’ll make sure you don’t miss out.

Aimee JohnsonAimee joined AccountAbility in October 2014 and recruits in Permanent Business Support roles in Sydney CBD and South. Originally from New Zealand, Aimee spent over 8 years in the Banking industry prior to moving into recruitment. Aimee aims to utilise the skills from those years to continue to provide a highly consultative service, tailor made for both her clients and candidates.

Aimee Johnson
Business Support Specialist
Permanent Recruitment CBD/South of Sydney
Telephone:(02) 8296 5353
E-mail Address: Aimee.Johnson@accountability.com.au

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