Increase Your Mental Toughness Event


When: Wednesday 19th October, 7:30 AM – 9:00 AM
Where: Sydney

Although mental toughness sounds macho it is actually a gender-neutral personality trait. It is beneficial because it helps us perform better under stress and pressure, bounce back from setbacks and failures and take full advantage of opportunities.

Everyone can develop mental toughness and in this enjoyable and practical session you will learn how in addition to some practical tips and technique on;

  • dealing with difficult people
  • managing changing priorities and their stakeholders
  • responding to constant change
  • becoming more assertive

About the Speaker:

Paul Lyons paul-lyons
CEO at Mental Toughness Partners

Experienced (and very appreciative of the value of mentally tough EA’s) CEO, Paul Lyons runs this session. Paul is the Co-founder of Ambition and AccountAbility and now runs Mental Toughness Partners, a network of mental toughness coaches and practitioners.

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