Each month we’re inviting our clients to nominate any AccountAbility temp who has gone above and beyond or exceeded their expectations in some way.

At AccountAbility, we have a great team of candidates contracting for us at any one time. They often go into a new business and are expected to hit the ground running, fill in the gaps within a team and get the job done.

We really appreciate the effort they make and like to recognise their hard work through our ‘Temp of the Month’ scheme where our winner will receive a nice gift as a sign of our appreciation!

If you are currently working with one of our temps and would like to nominate them please do so below:

Nominate your Temp!


Vanessa has helped write and send our campaign emails, as well as help us launch a new campaign within Australia. She’s been a lovely addition to the team and has been a great help during a busy period.


Ellen has worked with us a number of times over the last year and has been an asset to our Reception team each time we have been lucky enough to have her work with us. Ellen is quick at learning processes and procedures and more than happy to jump in and help in any way she can.

We love having Ellen here!


JULY 2017

Since joining our team Arran has made a big difference. He is consistently hitting and exceeding his targets. Throughout June he has been in our top 10 advisers, ahead of many permanent members of staff who have been here for much longer. If only we could hang onto him for longer!


JUNE 2017

Angela helped update the administration of the team with positions, recruitment and cost recovery. She got right into this and worked through the process with the team and myself to recruit staff and bring our admin up to date. Throughout the process, Angela demonstrated an outstanding commitment to bring the book in order. She utilised her outstanding communication skills, great initiatives and problem solving skills to achieve desirable outcomes. We still have a big challenge ahead, but with Angela’s support I believe we will achieve our objectives quicker.

MAY 2017

Congratulations to AccountAbility’s temp of the month, she has slotted in a busy environment with grace and efficiency. She has quickly grasped the different roles and completed them all to a very high standard. She has shown she can work with a broad range of personalities and demands. It has been a pleasure having her support over the past month.



Although it was very difficult to choose between Danielle and another new starter, who have both been excellent additions to our team, I have chosen to nominate Danielle. In her first full month with us, Danielle achieved a better rate of revenue generation and productivity than many of our longer standing permanent members of staff. She has a great attitude to her work and is a pleasure to have in the business.



Nomination 1:

Lucille started with us at a very busy time of year, she hit the ground running with very limited training. We have had several temps in this role since our last permanent team member left and Lucille has been by far the best one we have had. Great attitude, uses her initiative, good communication and a lovely addition to the team.

Nomination 2:

Lucille joined us at an extremely busy and stressful time and completely hit the ground running and has helped us massively since she has been here. She is hard-working, has a great can-do attitude and brings a great positive vibe to the team.


Aveen has proved herself to be reliable and flexible in her role. Nothing is too much trouble for her, and she is always willing to assist. She has settled into the role and company culture seamlessly and is delightful to work with.



It is an absolute pleasure to have Nat as part of our team. She has fitted in so well, and has quickly become a valuable, reliable and hardworking team member. Nat has a bright and friendly disposition; she has shown many instances of using her initiative, and she has excellent technical skills. I feel like Nat has been working with us for years, she picked up the role so quickly! Thank you Nat for all your hard work and for the consistency and dedication you show in your role.

Nat Temp of Month


Aparna has an extremely high level of quality and detail applied to her work. She is thorough and executes all requests in a timely manner, ensuring she is finding and recommending process improvements she identifies along the way. She is very hard working and clearly very intelligent and is a great asset to our team.



Karen is an absolute superstar & we would be lost without her. She definitely deserves temp of the month. Karen has an easygoing attitude, nothing is ever a problem, she’s a team player, uses her initiative & is extremely reliable. She has played a huge role in our recent office relocation, her helpful nature & her ability to complete tasks quickly saw her become an invaluable asset in our project team. Karen is also very well liked and respected by our EA/PA/Business Support team. As I’ve said before, please find us more temps like Karen!



Ellen not only has the skills and capabilities to do the job, she is bright, bubbly and service orientated. Nothing is too much trouble for her and she uses her initiative in solving problems. Ellen will also think about the bigger picture – not only the task at hand but thinks about the next step and how she can assist. We are fortunate to have Ellen as part of our team.



Laura has performed exceptionally well over the time that she has been here. She applies herself to every task with great enthusiasm and professionalism. She is always on time and frequently works back to complete things to her high standard. She is self-motivated and regularly goes above and beyond her role. If I could keep her I would, unfortunately she has to go home to the UK but I do wish that her partner was Australian so she could stay. Them’s the breaks.

Thank you Accountability for finding Laura for me.


Katherine came on board 2 months ago to support us during the office relocation. She’s great! She is a quick learner, consistently produces good work and is a motivated and reliable person. Good catch! Thank you AccountAbility!

Katherine Smith


Olivia has been a valuable asset to the team for the 2015 campaign. Olivia has been polite and professional in all encounters with our customers and stakeholders, via both email and telephone. In her time here, she has a managed a Customer Satisfaction Rating of 95%!

Olivia has shown great initiative, as well as a true passion and enthusiasm for the work we are doing.



In a short 2 weeks, Elizabeth has shown true adaptability, jumping straight into the role and making it her own. Elizabeth has received positive feedback from a number of key stakeholders, complimenting her on her professionalism, attention to detail and clear communication. Elizabeth is a pleasure to have on board.



Natasha has been a god-send! She commenced work over Christmas when the team was under significant pressure. Natasha’s contract has since been extended by a further 6 months. She has made an incredible contribution to the team and shown herself to have great learning agility.



Anie started her contract at short notice and at a very busy time.  She took instruction very well and picked up fairly complex tasks very quickly and more importantly with great accuracy!

One of Anie’s great strengths is her desire to learn, she also has a great work ethic. Anie works solidly, is not easily distracted away from a task and will always check to see if there is anything else she can do for us once her task is done. Anie doesn’t seem to be fazed by anything and will comfortably take on a task and work through it even when the brief is not ideal.



Leanne is our very first celebrated Temp of the Month for 2015 and a very well deserving one at that. Leanne is reliable, punctual (if not early), bright, diligent, respectful, well presented, genuine and she gets along with everyone! She’s certainly received a lot of praise and is a wonderful person to have in the office.

Keep up the great work Leanne!



Gemma has shown great adaptability and willingness to take on any task. Gemma really proved her commitment recently, when she worked overtime, alongside the team, to assist with clearing backlog for year end. Gemma has given her best over the past 6 months and has become a great asset to the team. Sadly, due to visa restraints, Gemma will be sorely missed.

Gemma Love - Temp of the Month