Postcard from Skye – our Guide Dog in Training



Dear AccountAbility,

Your adorable black pup, Skye, has been very busy lately …

Skye is all settled in with her dedicated puppy raisers who are a family of five in Sydney’s North West. Although Skye was the smallest one in her litter, she certainly makes up for it in cheekiness and personality!

The young Guide Dog recruit was very excited to make the trip to the city, as it was her first time across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. She’s officially a well travelled pooch! Once at your offices, Skye could not get enough of your cuddles, pats and tummy rubs. She was also made to feel like quite the local celebrity with the amount of photos that were taken. The Accountability paparazzi wre out in full force! Skye now knows what her best “side” is … and expects her raisers to take at east a picture a day. What a little diva!

Guide Dog puppies need to be comfortable in a variety of situations, so meeting and being handled by lots of people was a good socialisation experience for Skye. She felt so much like a member of staff that she was a little disappointed that she couldn’t make the meeting in your boardroom. It’s okay though, as she felt that she left her mark with her little tiddle under the fire extinguisher!

Skye left your office feeling very loved, and slept like a baby all the way home. Stay tuned for her next adventure!

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