Wellness @ Work Breakfast Event

Wellness @ Work

This week Ambition and Accountability hosted an event in conjunction with one of the Group’s Elite Partners. The seminar titled, ‘Being at your best in and out of the office’ was an opportunity for AccountAbilility to give back to our clients and candidates with an informative session where new connections could be formed and ideas could be shared with industry peers.

Guest Speaker: Christopher Paterson

With a background in organisational psychology and performance coaching, Christopher has been studying this for over 20 years and the evidence shows that we can not only break this trend, we can make small practical changes to the DNA of our day to be at our very best.

This seminar was designed to be able to identify the elements that you can action to achieve lower stress levels, less workload pressure, greater focus and concentration, greater work and life fulfilment, greater mental alertness and higher overall levels of happiness.

A focus was on our performance zones, levels of pressure and how it can build throughout the day, how to recognise the signs and what can be our certain triggers to stress and anxiety but most importantly how to be your best. Christopher demonstrates that to be at our best requires a toolkit that covers:

  • Cognitive wellness
  • Emotional wellness; and
  • Behavioural wellness

Once again the event was a huge success, with each individual in the room challenged to push the boundaries of responsibility on how we are designed and how we operate. There was also a plethora of helpful tips on how to build levels of focus around distractions that can occur while working on each task.

Christopher’s advice was to start every day by tackling the big tasks first. This way our mindset will be positively impacted and our productivity increased, building levels of focus. Don’t try to be a multitasker – it’s not possible. Build FOCUS when you need it or SWITCH to a new task if you CHOOSE that it’s more important.

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it. Change your attitude
Maya Angelou

If you can’t control the outcome, let it go. Otherwise, take action.

We would like to say a massive thank you to Christopher for a very informative seminar, for more information on Christopher and today’s topic please visit his website. Download Christopher’s presentation and further material for more information.

We would also like to say congratulations to Melissa for being our business card winner for the session with Christopher.

Event Testimonials:

“Excellent presentation and explanation by Christopher Paterson from Alchemy Career Management on how the brain works and how to be more productive and think holistically in both work and home life. Lots of clues to start making small changes and become a better me.

As always Accountability has run an informative breakfast with networking opportunities. Thanks to Carly and team for the opportunity to meet with interesting and likeminded professional business people. You are true experts in the industry.

Looking forward to the next one.”

Bronwen – Executive Assistant

“Thank you for the kind invitation on behalf of Ambition, to see Christopher Paterson from Alchemy Career Management, present Wellness@Work. It is always good to be reminded that we all need to be responsible for creating balance in our lives, to enable us to perform at our optimal level… both at work and at home. Christopher explained the details and some solutions, in an easy to understand, down to earth & honest style. It set me up for a fantastic and productive day, week and beyond!”


Tamara worked in Event Management before joining the world of recruitment in 2017.

She provides administration support to the Business Support team and has a strong focus on candidate resourcing.

Tamara specialises in Reception, Team Assistant and Executive Assistant positions in the CBD and surrounding areas.

Tamara Marshall
Consultant – Business Support
Telephone:(02) 8296 5311
E-mail Address: Tamara.Marshall@accountability.com.au

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